Meeting a need, and then “the diaries”


I grew up with perfect eyesight. Until I reached 40.

Around that time, one of my friends was visiting and I was showing her something on my computer. From over my shoulder, she asked, “Are you in denial? Battling to see the screen are you, LOL?” Meant as a joke, she had a point. Besides, I had been aware of the fact that I was suffering from “short arm syndrome”. You know, when you have to hold something at arm’s length to see what you’re reading, and even then, you battle…..

So I bought myself a pair of reading glasses.

WOW! My friend was right, and (pardon the pun) I haven’t looked back!

As I’ve matured, all that I’ve needed for reading is glasses with increasing magnification. This makes me extremely lucky – I still have my sight, for which I am eternally grateful.

I am a graphic designer and typesetter. My clients are all of similar age to me and over the years they began asking that I set their work in something a ”bit larger” so that ”everyone can read it without having to squint.”

This got me thinking. I remember my grandmother going to the ”large print” section in the library, and now I understand why. Reading should be a pleasure, not a chore!

It is therefore appropriate that I combine my talents (graphic design and typography) with my hobby (my online design, prints and publications) and cater to the needs of those with limited eyesight (being able to read something in a font that’s larger than the standard print for those with perfect vision!). Research has been fascinating, and I am learning daily about the “large print” subject.

In 2018 d-zine hub (my then career), together with Rainy Days and Holidays (our associated site), published a range of large print diaries on Amazon. These were a hit.

This confirmed my conviction. Large Print Publications was born! And the name speaks for itself. The aim is to deliver any form of large print material, be it books, ebooks, templates or posters, thus catering to the needs of the norm AND those with limited eyesight.

I sincerely hope you find this site to be of value.

Colleen Wilkinson

image of Colleen Wilkinson