Welcome to the brand new, “Large Print Publications”

In 2019, Rainy Days and Holidays, my hobby and an associated site of d-zine hub, produced a range of low-content books on Amazon. By far the most popular were our range of Large Print Diaries.

This, together with the fact that when my own eyesight began to ”age” and I had become a victim of the ”short arm syndrome” when trying to read anything, confirmed my conviction I’d been hatching for a while – to use my talents and cater to the Large Print industry.

It’s only fitting then, that we launch this venture with our new range of Large Print Diaries for 2020!

These diaries are now available on Amazon, in eight plain and simple covers. We have Black, Grey, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple or Green, to suit your color preference. Inside is plain and clear, in black and white, with monthly and weekly planners.

I’m really excited to see where this will lead, and sincerely hope you’ll join me on my journey. Follow us on Facebook and let us know what you’d like to see in Large Print!

We have loads of journals, planners, trackers and activity books in the pipeline – all with the aim of making your reading experience a pleasure, not a chore!


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